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The NEW Perfect Club Accuracy 24 degree

"Control, Accurate & Solid"

"This is the easiest club in my bag to hit. It is accurate and solid. It gets the ball up quickly and stops with a minimum of roll. You can control the distance by moving your grip slightly down. And with a full swing, my distance is 155 to 165 yards. Moving my grip up on the club is giving me about 175 yards in distance. Now, mid distance par 3's are much easier to hit in regulation. This club is a good complement to my Perfect Driver, Plus, and Perfect Club. Thanks for helping complete my set of Perfect Clubs." Dave M. Mississippi, USA

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The Perfect Club Accuracy Golf Club The Perfect Club Accuracy 24 Degree Golf Club

Use The Perfect Accuracy from the tee, fairway, thick rough, trouble lies and fairways bunkers.

xpect to hit The Perfect Accuracy the distance of a perfectly struck 4 or 5 iron time and time again. Replaces 4 & 5 irons, 9 woods and # 5 hybrids clubs.

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