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The Perfect Club Golf Collection was founded in 2002 for the purpose and mission of producing the easiest to hit, most versatile and accurate golf clubs.

The Original Perfect Club was the answer to over four hundred thousand golfers having tremendous success. Loyal customers worldwide have deemed The Perfect Club their "Go To" golf clubs.

Since then we've extended the line further to create The Perfect Club Golf Collection by adding more easy to hit clubs every year with our patented perfect club design. 

The most difficult clubs to hit, for every golfer, are long irons, fairway woods and the driver. The primary reason golfers have little success with these clubs is because their very long shafts make them difficult to time and control, especially for recreational golfers.  Golfers prefer shorter shafted clubs, like 8-irons and pitching wedges, because they are easy to hit and they give you greater control by placing you closer to the ball at address. The Perfect Clubs do exactly this, allowing the golfer to hit the ball more solid, gain confidence and control on the golf course.


The Perfect Club Golf Collection

Consists of a series of clubs, all bound to each other by adherence to the successful strategy by focusing on perfect combinations of shorter shafts, classic head designs and weighting. The results are incredibly easy to hit golf clubs that help golfers keep the ball in play, lower their scores and have more fun on the golf course.

Demand for "Perfect Club" products continue to grow as loyal customers and new golfers alike realize that The Perfect Club Golf Collection is the "go-to" brand.  We will continue to add and update Perfect Club golf products adhering to our philosophy to help all golfers enjoy this great game.


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