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Testimonials for The Perfect Club Golf Collection

Real Customer Testimonials

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Reviewer: George G. from Hazleton, PA United States "Clubs are awesome in terms of distance and accuracy!" Perfect purchase

Reviewer: John from Brooklyn Park, MN United States "They are the easiest clubs in my bag to use. Price was right. Delivery was fast. Totally satisfied."

Hacksaw Jim Duggan the Hall of Fame wrestler shoots his best round ever using golf clubs from The Perfect Club Golf Collection. He didn't get paid, he had no obligation to play or obligation to use any of the equipment. He tried the clubs on the range and had unreal results. I have never seen anyone so excited about hitting the ball straight and getting up and down. Our friend couldn't believe how well he played with just these clubs and a putter. He said " This was the most enjoyable time I have ever had on the golf course" If these clubs can work for Hacksaw Jim Duggan they can work for you.

would highly recommend the Driver for anyone who wants to consistently hit the fairway on every drive & add some distance in the process.....very easy to swing & feels balanced in your hands.. David H. Castle Rock. CO

I am 60 yrs. old and play to a 5 handicap, 10 yrs ago I replaced my 3 & 4 irons with the original perfect club. Now I have replaced my 5 & 6 iron with the perfect accuracy and perfect transition. They are truly amazing, the ball really jumps off the face. These perfect clubs will help me remain a single digit handicap for many years to come. I only have 13 clubs in my bag trying to decide which perfect club will be number 14. Great job, keep up the good work, you truly have the perfect club D. Clinton, Texas

I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed using the original Perfect Club and the 24 degree club also. I have had the 21 degree for over 10 years and you will never get me to switch to a more expensive hybrid. It is consistent, long, and I have confidence that whatever I ask of the club it will deliver! I recently misplaced ( left on the golf course ) my 24 degree club and quickly ordered another one. My cousin has clubs from the set and swears by them also. We are very happy with this wonderful product! Doug S. MD

My golfing buddies could not believe they were playing with the same guy. I took 13 strokes off my normal score. All of my drives were in the center of the fairway 220 yds out. The Perfect Club has renewed my passion for this very frustrating game. Thanks"I am getting the best results I've ever had from a wedge. Bil, CA

"I've been a jock my whole life and at 41 I just started to play golf. Needless to say it has been frustrating. The "Perfect Club" is the one club I can swing and know exactly where the ball will fly. I can't believe more people are not buying this club. It is a must have. I've been playing golf for about six months now and can honestly say that if I did not have this club, my golf bag and all of its contents would be in a pond."

I just wanted to write to tell you that The Perfect Club is one of the greatest things that has ever happened to my game. It has re-energized my long iron game and Im reaching long par 5's and making birdies and long par 3's are now some of my favorite holes. There are no words to describe what a tremendous addition this club is to my bag. I recommend this club to all levels of golfers."

"I tried it for the first time yesterday and my golfing buddies could not believe they were playing with the same guy they usually do"

I am a golf coach from Upper Arlington, where Jack Nicklaus attended high school. I just got off the course and I have a story to tell you. I shot my first nine in an unimpressive 46. Good drives but second shots a problem, particularly with some longer irons. On the second nine I borrowed my friends Perfect Club, which I had never hit before. The result was a 38! I hit two par fives in two with The Perfect Club. I have never done that before. I am sold on your product and have just ordered my own Perfect Club. Thanks for making a club that is so easy to hit accurately."

"I've had not one- but 2 holes in one in the last 5 weeks"The Perfect Club Golf Collection testimonials

"Just wanted to say that The Perfect Club is one of those rare items that truly lives up to its advertising. It certainly makes it much easier to reach a par 5 in 2! Are there any plans to offer different lofts? I for one would be first on line to purchase a 15 degree and replace my god awful 3 wood."

I love my Perfect Club. I am 66 yrs old, 5'10". It has had a collateral effect on my game. Because I got used to its shorter shaft length, on experiment, I tried my daughters (5'2", 115 lawyer) birthday club set. The shorter club length immediately shaved about 10 strokes off my game to the low 80". No more drive for show. Thanks"

"My name is Herb Pickens and I would like to thank you for your club. It has earned me my first hole in 1 on a 182 Yd. par 3 here in South Jersey. I live at the extreme Southern tip in Cape May and I am a member at The Sand Barren Golf Course, if you are ever in New Jersey again you should try to play it I'm sure youll like it.Thank you for your time and The Perfect Club."

"Received my Perfect Club and love it. If I can borrow a phrase from Dick V, "Its Awesome Baby"! I'm a 15 hcp and have experienced everything you say in the ad. Thanks! "

Perfect Club Golf tips winner"I can hit a Perfect Club better than any of my woods, hybrids or irons"

"Hey! I'm 61 years old, I purchased a Perfect Plus club on Sunday, I used it on a Par 3, Hunter Army Air Field, Hunter Golf Club, at Savannah, GA., for a Hole in One, on the 17th. Great club!!! " -Stephen H..

"A note to let you know how pleased I am with your Perfect Club. As of yesterday,, Ive had not one but 2 hole in ones in the last 5 weeks; both came on the same 152 yard par 3 at Elkhorn C.C. in Stockton CA. My golfing buddies want to steal my Perfect Club but can't use it because its left handed. Thanks again for your club - its a great utility club!"

"No matter what new club I buy I always go back to my Perfect Club, Its my go to club"

"Hi Perfect Club! I'm a 22 hdcp and have been hitting "orgasmic" shots w/ your club. Really a confidence builder. Playing a Scramble tourney this week and can't wait to show the guys. Best wishes for your continued success"

"Love my Perfect Club and rarely use my 3 wood or driver any longer. I've now broken 100 twice!"

"Just want to let you know that I have been using The Perfect Club for a couple of months and am delighted with it. It has replaced my 3 & 4 irons for sure and it is definitely my 'go to' club. Unless there is a compelling reason to use my 3 wood, I always use The Perfect Club now.One thing I would like to add is that because of its closed face, in order to avoid hitting it left, I find that I have to swing down the line a little longer. This has resulted in a better swing with my other clubs so what I am saying is that it has indirectly improved my swing and the reduction in my handicap index from 10.8 to 8.4 is evidence of the improvement.Certainly miss you on the Golf Channel."

In a Nutshell, Got my Perfect Club Plus on Friday via UPS,Played Golf on Saturday. My First shot on the course with the Perfect Club Plus - was a second shot (185 yds) on a Par 4 468 yard hole. The answer was EAGLE !!! Can't get better than that! Thanks a lot"

Reviewer: Patrick from Florida, United States I have always had trouble hitting a 3 wood so my only choice on most par 5's was to lay up to a distance I was comfortable with. Now even if I don't get to the green in two I am very close for an easy chip and hopefully make the putt for birdie. Also on the tighter par 4's at my golf course I find that this club is very accurate allowing me to stay in the fairway. I say 5 stars for sure. Thank you!


"Your club has earned me my first hole in 1 on a 182 Yd. par 3"

"The Perfect Club is a great club... awesome! I can hit with it better than any of my woods or irons as far as accuracy goes, and it seems you could almost use the club for your whole game, if only it had a putter that shot out of it, but you can probably putt with it too! I like the way it makes you line up automatically, with either a little forward stance for a meaner drive, or dead middle for an iron shot. I recently used it for the first time out on the course (I shot at the range before with it in preparation) at a Cancer golf tournament, and was relieved to know that I didn't have to close my eyes and hope for the best. Off of one of the shorter tees, I actually had really great accuracy, and hit the green from about 175 yards out, about 10 feet from the pin, which I never do. My only comment would be this. I still like a little more steam for a drive off the tee, and if I use a 1 Driver, I usually slice, but don't with The Perfect Club.

"I purchased two of your clubs, for my wife and me, and have been quite happy with them. My wife is just a little lady, 105 pounds, but it really helps her from the rough and when she must get the fairway shot up in the air over a bunker or water. I struggled at first by hitting the ball too on the top, but found out if I exaggerate my stance with a really wide base that I can control the ball pretty well. My wife has played the Wedgewood set of woods for a few years now and even though she likes them better than irons, she has fallen in love with her Perfect Club" to the point that she may very well hit it all three times down a fairway until she arrives within 100 yards.I'm presently a relatively new golfer (a novice within the last five year). Ive been a baseball and football coach my entire teaching career with no real time to devote to this game. I have found that the Perfect Club has helped me from fairway traps and especially in the range of 170 to 185 yards in which I was really struggling with the 3 or 4 irons enabling me to hold a 15 handicap this summer,Just wanted to let you know how much we have enjoyed the use of this wonderful club. Thank you. "

"I bought The Perfect Club and love it. It's so easy to hit and incredibly accurate. It's made a huge difference in my game as far as scoring. The Perfect Driver is awesome. Thanks. kr"

"HOW REFRESHING! That's what Id like to say first, you have delivered a product that is exactly what you claimed it would be...I love my Perfect Club and if that trend continues Im sure I will purchase and enjoy other products you may have in development. Thanks again"

I can tell you that I have enjoyed adding this club to my bag... so much so, that I have also purchased The Perfect Plus. I have not had enough situations in my golf play to use the club, but I have no doubt that I will enjoy it as much as I do The Perfect Club. Both are great products for virtually any golfer."

"I want to tell you how much I've been enjoying my Perfect Golf Club! I got back into golf earlier this year after a hiatus of over 30 years, and I felt I needed all the help I could get in trying to recapture the swing I had when I was in my 20's (I just turned 60). I found you clubs much easier and more enjoyable to hit than my long irons, just as you say. We got another one for my wife who is just starting to play, and when her club arrived, we received a notice about The Perfect Plus. I sent away for that also, and love it as much as The Perfect Club. I find my Perfect Club flies between 180-190 yards, while my Perfect Plus goes 210-215 (although I did hit a par-5 green with it from 250 yards on a hard fairway with lots of roll). I've also enjoyed using my Perfect Plus around the green, where I really need every advantage. What's the next product I can look forward to?"

"I could play an entire round just using 2 of my perfect clubs and a putter. Great products!"

Reviewer: Allen Pakos from Latrobe, PA United States What can I say. Much easier to hit than long irons. Just a Great Club. Everything that they said.

"I just came back from golfing in Scottsdale. I decided to use The Perfect Club as often as I could, being on a course that I had never played. I played great utilizing The Perfect Club off the Tee, when my friends were using their drivers. Over and over again, I was right down the middle, and many times they were in trouble. My friend Jack was having trouble off the tee. So I asked Jack if he wanted to try The Perfect Club.He did, and he started hitting it well - right away. Anyway, Jack ordered his Perfect Club. My only wish is that you had another club that could replace my 3 wood.Thank you, you have improved my game by at least 10 strokes."

Thanks for the 21 degree Perfect Club as well as the Perfect Plus, Perfect Spoon and Perfect Driver. They are easy to hit and I find myself using them instead of all my other woods. The 21 degree is especially great. I use that almost as much as my putter. I played last spring in my law firm's annual golf outing and teed off with it on all the par 4's and 5's. There is something about 235 straight down the middle that is hard to beat. Love the clubs and you were right it is my "go to" club from the fairway and the rough.. Thanks again."

After playing 2 rounds and using The Perfect Club, I have removed my 3 wood, 5 wood and 3 iron from my bag and I have not used my 4 iron since then. I am still learning to be a better golfer. I am now shooting 90. The tips on your video that came with The Perfect Club have also helped me to improve my game. I still have a long way to go to improve my game, but when I use The Perfect Club, I have a great deal of confidence and have hit about 95% good shots with it. Everyone that I have played with is amazed how my game has improved and cannot believe that one club has helped me so much. I can hit the ball off the tee about 240 yes max, on the fairway as a wood 200-220 yds. I have used it as a trouble wood and hit from the rough and tall grass with exceptional results. I am still trying to find my range for the short game use. I have been using the Perfect Club since May 1st. Thank you for introducing me to your wonderful club!"

"Have been playing with The Perfect Club for almost 1 year. This club is amazing. It has the distance of a 3 iron and the bite of a wedge. I have hit a lot of clubs but none like this. "

"Relieved to know that I didn't have to close my eyes and hope for the best anymore"

Thanks the club has made a big change in my game and more room in my bag

"Seldom do I take the effort to thank someone who has taken the effort to thank me! I have both Perfect Clubs and cannot begin to express the joy that has come back into my game. I no longer "choke" when I have the dreaded 160-200 yard second shot to the pin. While I may not get there, I'm sure a heck of a lot closer than ever before and on occasion I'm right next to the flag! I am a true advocate for the Perfect Club(s) and do not hesitate to tell anyone (male or female) what my secret weapon has become. I've put most of my Callaway long irons away and now use only the 6-iron through the sand wedge. My regular partners now look at my shots and scream "Perfect!" What more could a 56 year old woman with a 14.5 index wish? "

"Just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased The Perfect Club and am VERY pleased with it. I can't believe the confidence I've already got in the club. Have you expanded the technology concept to include other clubs? I would LOVE to have a similar club for longer shots, and another for slightly shorter shots. Please let me know if that technology is in the works. Thanks again for an incredible club."

I can't tell you how much I love your clubs! Have had it a month now! It is truly amazing and everything you have said it would do for me. My hat goes off to you! I just received your letter RE: The Perfect Club Plus...When can I order it and will all of the details be on the website? Can't wait to get my hands on your new product!"

" Got a funny story for you, I recently played a golf course in Gulf Shores State Park, Alabama. I was at hole 16 which was a par 3 about 196 yards. I was complaining to my brother-in-law that I really didn't have a good club that could hit between the 175-225 yard range. So my brother-in-law pulled out a club I could use. I asked what the club was and he told it was called "The Perfect Club". Since I have only been serious with golf for a few years I had not heard of this club and actually ribbed him a little bit for having the Perfect Club in his bag. So he lets me use the club, I take my swing and make a great hit. So great that I didn't even see where the ball landed. As we drive up further to the hole, I finally realized that I got a hole-in-one! Both my brother-in-law and myself were very excited and laughed about the fact that my first swing of "The Perfect Club" I got a hole-in-one. Just thought I would share that story with you on your website. I know it may seem a stretch of a story but it has added quite an angle to my hole-in-one story. And Yes, in case you are wondering I am looking to purchase The Perfect Club and possibly even some other products. "

"Everyone that I've played with is amazed how my game has improved and cannot believe that one club has helped me so much!

"Have had The Perfect Club for 2 weeks now. I shot an 81 the other day and I used The Perfect Club 28 times. Off the tee, fairway, and the sand. 81 was my best round ever. So thank you. I would like a Perfect Club hat that I could wear to my club if that's possible."

"There are no words to describe what a tremendous addition this club is to my bag. I recommend this club to all levels of players"

"I have watched your ads and read a lot about The Perfect Club, but I was hesitant to try another "gimmick club". I did finally order The Perfect Club. The club and I became friends at once. My handicap went from 21 to 12. I now own The Perfect Driver 370 and will have The Perfect Accuracy in the next day or so. I now shoot in the middle to high seventies on a regular basis."

"I picked up the Perfect Club 21 degree version last month and loved it so much that I just bought the Perfect Plus. In the process I got rid of my Taylor Made Hybrids and Fairway Woods/Metals. With the precision of the Perfect Clubs, I don't need the other clubs. I never would have believed that any club could be so easy to hit and truly make a difference in one's game. I have lowered my strokes per 18 holes by an average of 5 strokes by using the Perfect Clubs. Thank you for inventing these gems! "

I hit my driver straighter and higher than before Reviewer: steve rose from franklin, WI United States

David Grant from Maricopa, AZ United States Long & straight, what could be better

scott mcfadden from juliette, GA United States love the shorter shaft. Easy to control.I never used a driver until this one.

Gordon Martin from Barnard Castle, Durham United Kingdom Found the middle of the club straight away! Good pick up and balance very easy to get through the ball

mark levi from bronx, NY United States I really enjoyed using the spoon when I received it. The website was easy to manage and the club arrived within a week of when I ordered it. Reviewer: mark levi from bronx, NY United States

The Perfect Spoon 134 15 degree August 17, 2012Reviewer: John Mancos from Hammond, IN United States I used these clubs for about 2 weeks now hits great down the middle 180-200+ Reviewer: John Mancos from Hammond, IN United States

I have one for several years so i bought this one as a gift for my brother. It is easier to control than other fairway woods and I hit it lower than others so it is great in to the wind. Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Towson, MD, MD United States

I have the 1st Perfect Club that I hit great about 200 yards. I wanted a club that I could hit about 225-230, well the Perfect Spoon delivered. Very pleasing to the eye. I seem to have problems hitting it from a tight lie though. It's probably more me than the club. ThanksReviewer: Mark Wilson from Hiram, GA United States

WOW, between this and the 18 I will never go back to my King Corba Offset again. Much easier to hit. Same or longer distance...and straight!Reviewer: Allen Pakos from Latrobe, PA United States

I currently use the perfect club 21 degree, the perfect driver, and the perfect spoon.The hidden benefit of these shorter shafted clubs is that I am now hitting my irons more solidly.I feel that I'm using the same swing with my irons and my perfect clubs. This was not the case with my old longer shafted woods.The confidence that I have with my PCs has transfered to my irons.---now if you could make a perfect putter.Reviewer: zane dodd from atlanta, GA United States

Perfect service, perfect golf club Reviewer: James Logan from Windham, NH United States Thanks for the prompt service. The club arrived quickly and I am happy to say it is helping me improve my game already!

Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Barnard Castle, Durham United Kingdom Having used the original perfect club for some years, I looked forward to using the perfect spoon and was not disappointed. The first time out I used this off the tee on a very windy day and apart from one topped drive found it absolutely fine scoring 43 stableford points (25 handicapper). I would recommend the perfect clubs to any golfer (high or low handicap) these clubs can be used easier than irons from rough and semi-rough remember it's the idiot using them not the club!

Quick delivery. 2 other Perfect Clubs had been in my closet for a couple of years. Never gave them a try out. finally did & results were so good I ordered the spoon. Spoon has been great. I am a senior player. Looking at 24 degree & Driver now. Reviewer: Ross McVoy from Tallahssee, FL United States

love this club Reviewer: Raymond Faircloth from APO , AE United States this club is great. the heavier club head gave me of a chance to feel the shot better. right out of the box i started hitting the ball 20 yards further than my 3 iron and more consistently.

I got it straight right away and will be happy with this off the tee when necessary and off the deck. it will really add an needed weapon to my 16 handicap gameReviewer: John Mulhall from Floral Park, NY United States

Reviewer: Randal Boston from Crossville, TN United States I can finally keep up thanks to this club. It keeps me from showing my age. I am on with the rest of younger group now. Boom Boom!

Reviewer: H Daily from Desert Hot Springs, CA United States got it this week . . . plays better than any 3 wood i've ever been able to hit. totally endorse it for high single-digit handicappers who love to shape shots!.

Reviewer: JAN Brash from Dundee, Tayside United Kingdom Very quick and efficient service,considering we are in the U.K.