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Perfect Club Golf Bundle Deal
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Fairway Hybrid Bundle Deal

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Perfect Club Golf
Say Goodbye to Awkward and Difficult to hit Long and Mid Irons, Fairway Woods and Hybrids Forever with this Perfect club offer and save!

A lot of average golfers struggle with difficult to hit long or mid irons and fairways clubs that just won't get airborne or go straight. If this sounds like you, then you will LOVE the selection of this Bundle!

Offer Includes:
  • 2 Perfect Clubs (Your choice from different models/ lofts) ($299.98 Value)
  • And (2) Free head covers ($24.90 Value)
  • Plus! Free Shipping (48 USA) $12.50 Value)

Your choice: Replace those hard to hit clubs.

21 Degree Perfect Club 347 Graphite Shaft - Replaces; 3 & 4 Irons, 7 woods & # 4 hybrids.

  • Built to the same standard of perfection as our Original Perfect Club, The New Original Perfect Club 347 has been engineered to deliver improved looks, accuracy, feel and ball flight. The center of gravity has been moved forward and lower, which provides superior trajectory and longer flight. Use The Perfect Club 347 from the tee, fairway, medium to thick rough, trouble lies and fairways bunkers.

24 Degree Perfect Accuracy Graphite Shaft - Replaces; 4 & 5 Irons, 9 woods & # 5 hybrids.

  • For golfers who dislike their inconsistent 4 & 5 irons, we proudly introduce one of golf's newest secret weapon-The Perfect Accuracy. The Perfect Accuracy is astonishingly versatile at 24 degrees; use The Perfect Accuracy from the tee, fairway, thick rough, trouble lies and fairways bunkers. Expect to hit The Perfect Accuracy the distance of a perfectly struck 4 or 5 iron time and time again..

27 Degree Perfect Transition Graphite Shaft - Replaces; 5 & 6 irons, 11 woods & # 6 hybrids.

  • You'll find that The Perfect Transition is as easy to hit than any club in golf, while getting perfect 5 & 6 iron distance with effortless accuracy and height. Use The Perfect Transition from the tee, from the fairway, deep rough, fairway bunkers up-hill and down-hill lies. There's not a lie on the golf course that The Perfect Transition cant handle. Expect to hit The Perfect Transition the distance of a perfectly struck 5 or 6 iron. But with The Perfect Club transition you'll get that distance from any lie on the course; even on mis-hits or uneven lies. The Perfect Transition will be the last club you use before transitioning into your short irons.

What makes The Perfect Club Collection so Perfect?

Perfect Golf

One of the reasons we love golf so deeply is because hitting a perfect golf shot is on every golfer's list of the three best sensations in life. When we think about rounds that we've played, we always think about the ones that were closest to perfection. The ones that seemed so perfectly easy during which we were able to strike an almost unbroken series of perfect golf shots. It's that feeling that keeps us coming back for more. The Perfect Club Golf Collection will let you rediscover that perfect sensation and get you so excited about golf again that you'll know that your best golf is not a memory, but is yet to be played.

Perfect Setup

All of the golf clubs in The Perfect Club Golf Collection are designed to put you into the perfect setup. Great players agree that a perfect and athletic setup is much more important than having a perfect swing.

Perfect Length

The longer the golf club the longer it takes to make a swing and the longer the swing the greater the chance that more things can go wrong. The Perfect Clubs are shorter than the clubs that are most difficult to hit and, as a result, you will consistently hit rewarding solid golf shots.

Perfect Play-ability

The Perfect Golf Clubs are designed to be the easiest clubs you've ever played. Each club in The Perfect Golf Collection allows you to make a swing as though you were hitting a short or mid length golf club. We can all agree that our best and most accurate shots come from our shorter clubs. The shorter shaft, extra weight and our patented sole gives infinitely greater consistency and wildly increased confidence.

Perfect Weighting

Every club in The Perfect Club Golf Collection have a very low center of gravity, so the head of the club is easier to feel and your shots fly higher.

Perfect Offset

The Perfect golf clubs are slightly offset to increase your chances of hitting a straight shot or draw instead of a slice or push.

Perfect Sole

The Perfect Clubs Patented Sole. All of The Perfect Club's are designed with our unique, patented sole that allows you to perfectly adjust to every imperfect lie.

Perfect Design

Every component of The Perfect Club is made of the highest quality materials.

Fairway Hybrid Bundle Deal



Verified Buyer Reviews:
( 33 )
Capt Kevin S McQuiston from Redondo Beach, CA United States
February 3, 2024
Excellent feel and performance
I had one of the original perfect club from back in the day. Upgraded my game by getting the 17+ spoon the 21° and the 24° and have really enjoyed gaming them.
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Anonymous Person from JUPITER, FL United States
May 31, 2022
Club review
I now have three of the original Perfect Clubs. Been pretty much my favorite rescue club since Peter Kessler convinced me to try it. Both of my originals have steel sahft and my new one has a graphite shaft. So far, sogood. I am still working out the yardage on my new addition- the 27º version which may be replacing my 6 iron. I will continue to enjoy your products
Was this review helpful to you?
Joe Mancini from South Bend, IN United States
July 11, 2021
Great clubs
Both the accuracy hybrid and the spoon are real clubs to add to your bag
Was this review helpful to you?
Alex M. from Grand Rapids, MI USA
March 11, 2022
Great deal, fast shipping and best of all these clubs really work! I got the 21 and 27. Will be adding the wedge next.. Thank you!
Was this review helpful to you?
mike repoli from MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, NJ United States
June 19, 2021
Easier to hit then most hybrids or fairway woods
I use the 21 degree 24 degree and 15 degree. Well balanced club and the shorter shaft make it easy to hit straight and consistent distance. Gets the ball in the air and lands softly.
Was this review helpful to you?