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The New Perfect Club Golf HD2 Driver Limited Edition Model

Drive with confidence on every tee box

Take big numbers off of your scorecard by playing the hole the way it was intended to be played - from the fairway. Because knowing you're going to make solid contact leads to more aggressive & confident swings.

Confident swings translate into accurate distance.

Top Driver for Women Golfers

The Ladies Perfect Club HD2 Driver is the easiest driver to hit consistently high and straight of any driver ever made for the recreational golfer.


Easy to hit solid.

One of the reasons we love golf so deeply is because hitting a perfect golf shot is on every golfer's list of the three best sensations in life.

When we think about rounds that we've played, we always think about the ones that were closest to perfection. The ones that seemed so easy during which we were able to strike an almost unbroken series of solid golf shots. It's that feeling that keeps us coming back for more.

The Perfect Club HD2 Driver will let you rediscover that perfect sensation and you'll know that your best golf is not a memory, but is yet to be played.


Perfect Golf Driver

What do other golfers say about their Perfect Clubs

Bombing drives
With this shortened driver...I can take a longer backswing....AND Not lose the clubhead....this let's me generate more speed.

The forgiving face gives me a ton of confidence on the tee box. I am enjoying golf again as this gives me a shot at par again. So worth it....." John Foster from Purvis, MS United States

"WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan plays Perfect Clubs. "I gotta say these clubs have made a huge difference in my game! My friends cant believe it, I cant believe it! "I guarantee I've saved 10 strokes on my drives " Having a great time on the golf course" Hacksaw Jim Duggan, WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler

"Since I've been playing with the Perfect Club I've seen excellent results in my golf score. I've hit some great shots! They work!" Mike McBath, President NFL Retired Players Association & Former NFL Player"

"My best shots are always with the Perfect Clubs from the driver to the wedge!" Thank you, Jack. The Villages, FL.

"Perfect Clubs are my "Go-To" clubs, period." Ron M. Orlando, FL"

All the clubs are easy to hit, easy to get airborne and becomes your "go-to" golf club.

"When in doubt I use my Perfect Clubs, I've bought many golf clubs & hybrids and nothing ever compares to my Perfect Clubs just ask my friends!" Gradyn S, ID

"I have been using the Perfect Clubs for about 15 years. I have always comfortable playing with them. Every once in awhile I think I need to try something new, but every time I find I still play better with the Perfect Clubs and I end up going back to them. I think I have finally decided that they are the best clubs I have found and plan on staying with them. I appreciated your great service with my recent purchases." L. Widmer, OH

"As with all the other perfect clubs I have, this has been a revelation! It is so easy to use and saves me shots. This has taken the place of my regular sand wedge in my bag. I highly recommend it. " Paul W. England