Perfectly Designed

"You don't have to change your swing to hit perfect shots with The Perfect Clubs"

Each club in the collection utilizes a perfect combination of high performance shafts with a club head uniquely designed to deliver maximum trajectory and incredible forgiveness even out of tough lies.   All the clubs in The Perfect Club Golf Collection are easy to hit, easy to get airborne and becomes your "go-to" golf club.

The Perfect Clubs are shorter in shaft length which leads to more consistent & solid ball striking.

All clubs conform to USGA / R&A rules of golf.

     With The Perfect Clubs, shots fly as far or farther than the club(s) it replaces. The Perfect Clubs (except for the driver) are played in the middle of your stance like a short iron and instantly induces a strong sense of confidence which carries over to every other club in your bag.

 30-Day Perfect Playability Guarantee!

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The most difficult clubs to hit, for every golfer, are long irons, fairway woods and the driver. The primary reason golfers have little success with these clubs is because their very long shafts make them difficult to time and control, especially for recreational golfers. 

Replace your long difficult clubs.

Golfers prefer shorter shafted clubs, like 8-irons and pitching wedges, because they are easy to hit and they give you greater control by placing you closer to the ball at address. 

The Perfect Clubs do exactly this, allowing the golfer to hit the ball more solid, gain confidence and control on the golf course.

Which Perfect Clubs are right for you?

"Designed to replace your most difficult clubs to hit. Your mid-irons, long-irons, fairway woods, wedges, chipping clubs and the driver. "The Perfect Clubs are shorter in shaft length, bringing you closer to the ball, which leads to more consistent ball striking and accuracy without sacrificing distance." 

The Perfect Club Collection Woods

Replaces: All long irons, mid irons, hybrid clubs and fairway woods.

All clubs in The Perfect Club Golf Collection are easy to hit, easy to get airborne and becomes your "go-to" golf club.

For Golfers Who: 

Struggle with awkward and difficult to hit long irons, fairways woods and hybrids. 

Find it difficult to make solid contact or have minimal accuracy when using longer golf clubs. 

Lack confidence in longer approach shots with unpredictable results. 

Available lofts: 15, 18, 21, 24 & 27 degrees.

Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge

Replaces: Sand and Lob wedges for sand shots, lob shots, flop shots and pitches.

"Getting Up and Down has never been easier"

For Golfers Who: 

Are uncertain with easy bunkers shots, hit low pitches and lob shots into the green. and have erratic distance control from 75 yards and in.

Available in:  Graphite and Steel shafts, 58 degrees. 

The Perfect Club Driver 370 (Out of Stock-Sorry)  We will be introducing a NEW PERFECT DRIVER STAY TUNED!!  NO OFFICIAL DATE AS OF YET! 

Replaces: All drivers and clubs you use to tee off with most often.

For Golfers Who: 

Want to play from the fairway.  Slice or fade the ball.  Have no real accuracy or confidence with other drivers. 

Lack distance from inconsistent sweet spot hits or use 3 woods off the tee leaving long second shots.

Perfect Club Chipper

Replaces: All golf clubs you would use to chip with around the green.

For Golfers Who: 

Skull, chunk, blade and duff way to many shots around the green. Battle with fairly simple chip shots from 10 feet to 20 yards.

Perfect Length 

    The longer the golf club the longer it takes to make a swing and the longer the swing the greater the chance that more things can go wrong. The Perfect Clubs are shorter than the clubs that are most difficult to hit and, as a result, you will consistently hit rewarding solid golf shots.

Perfect Play-ability 

    The Perfect Golf Clubs are designed to be the easiest clubs you've ever played. Each club in The Perfect Golf Collection allows you to make a swing as though you were hitting a short or mid length golf club. We can all agree that our best and most accurate shots come from our shorter clubs. The shorter shaft, extra weight and our patented sole gives infinitely greater consistency and wildly increased confidence.

Perfect Offset 

    The Perfect golf clubs are slightly offset to increase your chances of hitting a straight shot or draw instead of a slice or push.

What Golfers Say About Their Perfect Clubs

"Since these clubs are shorter you can be more aggressive in your swing, I've gained more confidence and hit the ball more solid, overall its just fun to hit these clubs" Thank you! You have great products." Dr. Robert D, CA

"WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler Hacksaw Jim Duggan plays Perfect Clubs. "I gotta say these clubs have made a huge difference in my game! My friends cant believe it, I cant believe it! "I guarantee I've saved 10 strokes on my drives and another 10 off my chipping" Having a great time on the golf course" Hacksaw Jim Duggan, WWE Hall of Fame Wrestler

"Since I've been playing with the Perfect Club Chipper and Hybrid Wedge I've seen excellent results in my short game and golf score. I've hit some great shots with these clubs! They work!" Mike McBath, President NFL Retired Players Association & Former NFL Player"

"My best shots are always with the Perfect Clubs from the driver to the wedge!" Thank you, Jack. The Villages, FL.


"Perfect Clubs are my "Go-To" clubs, period." Ron M. Orlando, FL"


"When in doubt I use my Perfect Clubs, I've bought many golf clubs & hybrids and nothing ever compares to my Perfect Clubs just ask my friends!" Gradyn S, ID

"I have been using the Perfect Clubs for about 15 years. I have always comfortable playing with them. Every once in awhile I think I need to try something new, but every time I find I still play better with the Perfect Clubs and I end up going back to them. I think I have finally decided that they are the best clubs I have found and plan on staying with them. I appreciated your great service with my recent purchases." L. Widmer, OH

"As with all the other perfect clubs I have, this has been a revelation! It is so easy to use and saves me shots. This has taken the place of my regular sand wedge in my bag. I highly recommend it. " Paul W.  England