The New Perfect Club Driver Golf Club HD2

The New Improved Perfect Driver HD2 has had dynamic improvements that will give golfers more roll, accuracy and control = More distance, even on off center hits. New design combination of less ball spin off the tee (RPM), increased MOI and perimeter weighting for off center hits makes this driver a must have in the bag.

  • HD2 has perfect combinations of aerodynamic speed and mass to drive the ball with explosive distance.
  • Dual adjustable CG settings - Draw & more draw.
  • HD2 is specifically designed for players seeking higher, more powerful draw-biased trajectory.
  • Head cover included: HD2 is USGA & R&A Conforming. Plus! 30-Day On Course Perfect Guarantee!
  • Available in Mens Right Handed - Senior, Regular, Stiff flex. Left Hand - Regular flex.

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$ 299 . 99
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Perfect Club Driver HD2 provides the accuracy of your short irons with the distance you expect from a world class driving club. The most thrilling shot in golf is the one that you hit straight and far – The Perfect Driver HD2 will help you experience that thrill – tee shot after tee shot.