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Distance with a Perfect Club

Distance Factors
We get asked many times "How far can I hit a Perfect Club?"

We put together some data to help you in determining which Perfect Club or clubs would replace or fill gaps in your distances and game.

The amount of distance you can get on a shot is determined by such factors as the loft angle of the club and the ability of the golfer. Because the average golfer is able to make better contact with a Perfect Club than an iron or longer shafted club, a Perfect Club can give the golfer an additional 4 to 8 yards of distance on average versus the clubs it replaces but with increased accuracy.

In general if you hit a perfectly struck 5 iron 175 yards you should expect the Perfect Accuracy 24 degree to give you that same distance but achieving that distance will be much easier. The problem is how many times do we hit a perfectly struck 5 iron? The average distance of 10 shots with that same 5 iron may only be 165 yards.

But with a Perfect Club you should expect that those same 10 shots will be 4-8 yards further on average giving you distance and accuracy of your perfectly struck 5 iron, again because Perfect Clubs are easy to hit solid.

Here are the average distances of a male golfer, 61 age, 18-handicapper with Perfect Clubs and the clubs they are replacing:

The Perfect Driver - 227 Average,

The Perfect Club Spoon 15 Degree, 201 ave. yards; Replaces 3 or 4 woods, # 1 or # 2 hybrids.

The Perfect Club Plus 18 Degree, 190 ave. yards; 4 & 5 woods, # 3 hybrids & 2 Irons

Perfect Club 347 21 Degree, 178 ave yards; Replaces 3 & 4 Irons, 7 woods & # 4 hybrids.

Perfect Club Accuracy 24 Degree, 169 ave yards; Replaces 4 & 5 Irons, 9 woods & # 5 hybrids.

Perfect Club Transition Hybrid 27 Degree, 157 ave yards; Replaces 5 & 6 irons, 11 woods & # 6 hybrids.