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Perfect Club HD2 Driver. New for 2019! Now Available!
The New Perfect Club Driver Golf Club HD2
Not only am I getting the accuracy but I gained distance off the tee of at least 20 yards. Arthur M. AL USA

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The New! Perfect Club Golf HD2 Driver
List Price: $349.99
Buy Now: $299.99
For Golfers Who: Want accuracy, distance and confidence while achieving exceptionally more sweet spot hits.
+ HD2 has perfect combinations of aerodynamic speed and mass to drive the ball with explosive distance.
+ Dual adjustable CG settings - Draw & more draw.
+ HD2 is specifically designed for players seeking higher, more powerful draw-biased trajectory.
+ Head cover included: HD2 is USGA & R&A Conforming. Plus! 30-Day On Course Perfect Guarantee!

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New! Perfect Club HD2 Driver - Shipping Now!

The Perfect Club Golf HD2 Driver will take big numbers off your scorecard by letting you play the hole the way it was intended to be played - from the fairway!

Our customers experience confidence like never before on the tee box. They hit the ball more solid more often with great accuracy. This is something you rarely experience with other long shafted drivers or maybe just a few holes in a round.

Confident aggressive swings will translate into distance and accuracy off the tee. Obviously once you start hitting more fairways, you'll also be hitting more greens!

I hit it further and straighter than my Taylor. So easy to hit the ball square. Great purchase!" Bruce W. from Tucson, Arizona

The HD2 has perfect combinations of aerodynamic speed, mass, length and weight to drive the ball with explosive distance. Watch your confidence build when you put the HD2 driver in your hand and the ball goes farther and straighter.

Is the Perfect Club HD2 Driver legal?
Yes, the HD2 driver face is at the absolute maximum COR allowed in golf. Trust us you will notice the difference! USGA & R&A Conforming

Why is a shorter driver better for you?

Being closer to the golf ball allows you to hit the ball more solid more often aggressively.
Just because the HD2 is shorter in shaft length doesn't mean you'll hit shorter drives.

Unless your 6' 3" will a low handicap, why are you playing a driver that is 45 inches or longer that significantly lowers your chance to make solid contact or hit the ball with accuracy?

"The most important things when hitting a great drive is center contact and ball speed, golfers using longer shafted drivers simply struggle to make consistent solid contact because they are so far away from the ball."

Incredible ball speed and accuracy. Perfect sound and crushing feel.

The Perfect Club HD2 Driver is specifically designed for players seeking higher, more powerful draw-biased trajectory.

Perfect Weighting & “Trajectory” HD2 (High Draw)
Low and Deep is the absolute best weight arrangement if you want forgiveness, high launch, and low spin.

HD2 Driver Aerodynamics

Allows the head to accelerate quicker with less drag while creating exceptional balance and the face square through the hitting area.

Dual Adjustable CG weights.

The Perfect Club HD2 driver features back and heel CG settings to tune your ball flight. Standard and shipped setting offers a higher draw trajectory flight while switching the back weight to the heel offers even more draw with a slightly lower flight.

The HD2 dual weighting placement allows the club head to close quicker creating a massive amount of Coefficient of Restitution (COR) energy that is transferred into the golf ball.

HD2 PVD Finish

We spared no expense on top quality and safe finishing only available from a few golf manufactures. PVD Coating produces highly brilliant finishes that is highly resistant to scratches, scrapes and corrosion. Helping your new driver last and looking better longer! Also PVD finishing is applied with no toxic residues or byproducts making it environmentally friendly.

Every component of the PCG HD2 Driver is made of the highest quality materials.

Perfect Club Golf HD2 Driver Specs: Men

  • Club Length 43"
  • Loft:10.5
  • 425cc
  • Swing weight: D2
  • Shaft torque: 3.5
  • Shaft weight 64 grams
  • We manufacture our own custom 100% graphite shafts specifically designed just for the HD2 Driver for max performance in ball speed and launch spin.

Shaft Flex Options: Right hand

  • Senior Flex (A)
  • Regular Flex
  • Stiff Flex

Shaft Flex: Left hand

  • Regular Flex

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Left handed D2 driver August 24, 2019
Reviewer: Pat McBride from Virginia Beach, VA United States  
This new driver looks great and is as well made as any I've seen.  I'm looking forward to playing with it.  I have the previous edition driver, spoon, 18 degree, 21 degree, and 24 degree left handed perfect clubs, which I have enjoyed for several years.  I hope by making the new D2 driver the Perfect Collection is giving hope to me and my fellow left handed golfers (a lonely and small 12% of the population) that more new-version left handed clubs are at least being considered.  We would buy them.

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For me it is perfect August 20, 2019
Reviewer: John Adams from Gainesville FL  
Just wanted to say thank you for the great customer service.  The driver is the best club I have owned and I cannot believe how well I can hit the tee ball with the HD2.  For me it really is perfect!

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Trust Me This is a Great Driver! August 9, 2019
Reviewer: Steve K. from Lansing, MI USA  
Every golfer who wants to hit a nice draw and with awesome accuracy should get this driver, and they are correct I am lowering my scores, best in 7 or 8 years.   Loving It!  Get One!  Now I need a putter that works as nice as this.

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New Driver July 18, 2019
Reviewer: Robert Halfkenny from London, ON Canada  
I played with this club a couple of times.  Hits some good shots and some not so good.  However, this is me and not the club.  I plan to practise with it a bit more.  On the range I hit some great shots.  However, I was not able to consistently transfer it into play.  I am still not to sure on how to use the balancing settings.  I am sure it will come around.  I still have my old driver and hit it very well consistently.  I will work on the new driver a little more.  I have hit some very nice shots with it.

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Hitting Fairways July 11, 2019
Reviewer: JA from Medford , NJ United States  
The shorter shaft of the HD2 driver allows me to swing away with more confidence.  72 yrs old, hitting mostly straight and 225yds. Only criticism is that the weights are not color coded or marked in any way

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