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The New! Perfect Club Chipper
"Take the fear out of chipping"

The Perfect Chipper is designed to send the ball on an upward and forward trajectory by simply using a putting stroke. 27 degrees of loft, optimal weighting and cambered sole cuts through the grass for a perfect solid feel.

The uni-flex steel shaft flex (cpm's) has been tweaked to perfection allowing the club head to release into the ball with ease giving you magnificent control and the best chance to chip-in, lip-out or get the ball within tap-in distance. Chipping made simple that you dont get from other chipping clubs.

"Getting Up and Down has never been easier!

The Perfect Chipper is lower lofted than most chippers on the market which gives you more options from longer distances using a controlled putting stroke. Other chippers only work very close to the hole before your forced to take a big uncontrolled swing just to get the ball to go medium to long distance.

You can also use The Perfect Chipper from those scary distances from the fairway to run the ball all the way to the hole with a controlled long lag putting stroke.
The Perfect Chipper will get the ball in the air, but much less than a pitching wedge or sand wedge. Use The Perfect Chipper from the fringe, fairway and medium to light rough.

The Perfect Chipper will improve your game and lower your scores by getting the ball onto the green and close to the hole with one shot. You'll find that it takes little time to master this club and start saving precious strokes from around the green.

  • Comes complete with head cover.
  • Alignment aid for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Cambered sole cuts through the turf and allows you to chip from the tight lies.
  • Uni-flex steel shaft
  • Perfect Club velvet grip
  • Loft 27 degrees
  • Length 34 �"
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The Perfect Club Golf Short Game Package.  Hybrid wedge and Chipper combo The Perfect Club Short Game Golf Bundle - In Stock Now

This 2 club bundle will immediately improve results for golfers who lose strokes around the green from flubbed or skulled chip shots, bunker shots, pitch shots and lob shots that add costly strokes to their scorecards. Package Includes:
The Perfect Club Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge 58 ($149.95 Value)
The Perfect Club Chipper ($129.95 Value)
Free Shipping in the Continental US ($9.95 Value)
Free head covers included!
Total Value: $289.85
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The Perfect Club Chipper, what is the best chipper golf club around the green, best golf club to chip with around the green The Perfect Club Chipper Golf Club, Mens

Designed to send the ball on an upward and forward trajectory by simply using your putting stroke.

In Stock
List Price: $129.95
Buy It Now Only: $89.95
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The Perfect Club Chipper The Perfect Chipper - Ladies

The New Perfect Club Chipper

In Stock
List Price: $149.95
Buy It Now Only: $89.95
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