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The Perfect Club Accuracy Golf Club

It's been awhile since I have played but I decided to start back up. The Perfect Accuracy was one of the first pieces of new equipment I bought. WOW! This is definitely an improvement from the old golf equipment. William, AZ

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Perfect Club Accuracy 24 Degree Golf Club

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The New! Perfect Accuracy - Mens Right Hand Graphite
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Perfect Club Golf
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Introducing The Perfect Club Accuracy – "Precision, Control, Solid!"

Experience golf like never before with The Perfect Club Accuracy. Boasting 24 degrees of loft, it seamlessly replaces your 9 wood, 5 hybrid, or 4 or 5 iron, soaring distances equal to or even surpassing the clubs it replaces. Its shorter length fosters consistent ball striking.

Addressed in the stance of a short iron, The Perfect Accuracy instantly infuses unwavering confidence—a trait that carries throughout your golf bag.

Elevating Shots, Enhancing Confidence

The Perfect Club Accuracy effortlessly launches high, long shots that land softly, even from challenging lies. Engineered to guide you into an optimal, athletic setup, its shorter length and distinctive weighting provide unrivaled accuracy and control.

Reflecting our belief that shorter, lofted clubs simplify achieving height and accuracy, The Perfect Club Accuracy perfectly aligns with this philosophy.

Remarkable Versatility
From the tee on par 3s to approach shots from the fairway or rough, The Perfect Club Accuracy's versatility knows no bounds. Conquer fairways, roughs, and even fairway bunkers with finesse, and tame the trickiest lies with ease.

Your Ultimate Weapon
The Perfect Club Accuracy – your solution for control, accuracy, and solid performance. With 24 degrees of loft, it seamlessly replaces your 9 wood, 5 hybrid, or 4/5 iron for versatile, confident play.

The Perfect Club Accuracy embodies simplicity, elevation, and becomes your trusted golf companion, ensuring your successes on the course.

24 degrees of loft
Graphite shaft tailored for optimal performance
Length: 38.5" (Men)
Patented Perfect Club sole plate adapts to any lie
Enhanced by the Perfect Club Velvet grip
Includes a head cover

Designed to force you into your best, most athletic set up posture. It's shorter length and unique weighting gives you superb control and accuracy.
Replaces your 9 wood, 5 hybrid or 4 or 5 iron and flies as far or farther than the clubs it replaces
Conforms to Rules of Golf
The Essence of Perfection Found in The Perfect Club Collection

Embracing Golf's Core
The allure of golf lies in that perfectly executed shot—a moment cherished by every golfer. Recollecting rounds where brilliance nearly graced us, where each shot felt effortless and faultless. These rounds linger in memory, beckoning us back to the course time and again. The Perfect Club Golf Collection provides a conduit to rekindling this perfection. It renews your golfing passion, reminding you that your most exceptional moments on the course are not mere memories, but are yet to unfold.

Impeccable Setups
In golf's realm, a seamless setup is esteemed even beyond a perfect swing. The clubs within this collection are meticulously crafted to guide you into the optimal setup, ensuring your foundation is solid and ready for triumph.

Optimal Club Length
The length of a golf club directly influences your swing. Longer clubs demand more time to complete the swing, heightening the possibility of missteps. The Perfect Clubs are intentionally designed to be shorter, enabling more consistent and gratifying shots.

Effortless Playability
The enchantment of The Perfect Golf Clubs resides in their unmatched playability. Each club mirrors the swing dynamics of a shorter club—ones we commonly achieve precision with. The synergy of a shorter shaft, added weight, and the patented sole design instills an unparalleled sense of consistency and confidence in your shots.

Balanced Weighting
Precision is in the particulars, and every club in The Perfect Club Golf Collection boasts a low center of gravity. This design enhances the feel of the clubhead, contributing to loftier, more controlled shots.

Subtle Offset Advantage
Subtle offset in The Perfect Golf Clubs enhances your likelihood of achieving straight shots or graceful draws. This counters the undesirable slice or push, enhancing your shot precision.

Innovative Sole Engineering
The hallmark of The Perfect Clubs lies in its ingenious patented sole. This inventive feature seamlessly adapts to any imperfect lie on the course, providing an edge in demanding scenarios.

Crafted to Excellence
Quality reigns supreme in every facet of The Perfect Club. From materials to craftsmanship, each component embodies the pinnacle of excellence.

For Golfers Who:
Struggle with awkward and difficult to hit long irons, fairways woods and hybrids.
Find it difficult to make solid contact or have minimal accuracy when using longer golf clubs.
Lack confidence in longer approach shots with unpredictable results.

Frequently Asked Questions - The Perfect Club Accuracy

What clubs does The Perfect Accuracy replace? It takes the place of your 4 & 5 irons, 9 woods & # 5 hybrids.

How far should I expect to hit the Perfect Accuracy? Achieve the distance you would with a solidly struck 4 or 5 iron, 9 wood, or # 5 hybrid.

Why is The Perfect Accuracy a superior choice over my 4 & 5 irons, 9 wood, or 5 hybrid? This key distinction sets The Perfect Accuracy apart from its competitors.

The Perfect Accuracy's shorter shaft positions you closer to the ball, boosting your confidence, making hits easier and control smoother.

Most utility woods average 41.5 to 42.5 inches in length. The Perfect Accuracy measures 38.5 inches, a significant 3-inch difference. Why? A shorter shaft equals better ball control. The shorter shaft accommodates added head weight, maintaining a consistent swing weight. The extra head weight empowers The Perfect Accuracy to achieve longer, higher, and straighter shots. The primary differences between The Perfect Accuracy and your challenging clubs are the shorter shaft, a more upright lie angle, and increased head weight.

What shaft flexes are available for The Perfect Accuracy? It comes with an R/S flex for men and an A flex for ladies as standard. The shaft's unique tip diameter allows one flex to accommodate all.

Can't I simply cut down my clubs to match The Perfect Accuracy's length? There are two reasons why this isn't recommended:
First, woods have a fixed lie angle, influencing how the shaft enters the club head. Cutting down your clubs would alter the lie angle, leading to a flat lie and the toe digging into the ground, causing shots to veer right.
Secondly, shortening clubs dramatically alters swing weight, overall mass, and stiffens the shaft. This adversely affects shot distance, feel, and ball flight, leading to shorter distances and slicing.

What is The Perfect Accuracy's loft? It boasts 24 degrees of loft, paired with shaft length and head weight for consistent accuracy and distance akin to 9 woods, # 5 hybrids, and 5 & 6 irons.

Why is hitting The Perfect Accuracy easier than its counterparts? The design compels center ball placement, akin to how you'd naturally set up for an 8 iron, 9 iron, or pitching wedge.

The Perfect Accuracy's shorter shaft optimizes posture and boosts confidence through proximity to the ball. This enhanced confidence and centered ball position allow a more aggressive swing, yielding straighter and notably consistent hits.

Perfect Club Accuracy 24 Degree Golf Club



Verified Buyer Reviews:
( 36 )
Tom Davis from Georgia
September 25, 2023
24 degree accuracy
I usually do not review things I order but this club is really nice and has a permanent place in my bag now. Great company.
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Dominic Russo from Buffalo, NY United States
August 16, 2023
Accuracy really is accurate.
Delighted with the service and the new club. Outperforms my old model!
Was this review helpful to you?
Michael P from New Jersey
August 11, 2023
Perfect Accuracy
I'm genuinely impressed with its performance.
Was this review helpful to you?
Paul from Sarasota, FL United States
June 19, 2023
Easy to use
This has become my favorite 125-135 yard club. Easy to swing and hit from fairway/tee/rough. Great loft and distance.
Was this review helpful to you?
George Bixler from 44256
March 11, 2022
My go-to club!
I have the original Perfect Plus, Perfect Club and Perfect Accuracy in my bag, and they are all good clubs. But my favorite is easily the Accuracy. I can count on it for 165 to 175 yards, with great height and a straight ball flight. It is my go-to club for trouble shots and layup shots - anything that requires some length and height. I absolutely love it. Thinking about adding the Perfect T
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Was this review helpful to you?