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"Easy-to-Hit, Extreme Accuracy, Superb Performance"

Which difficult clubs in your golf bag could you replace with an easy-to-hit Perfect Club?

Perfect Club Driver best driver to hit straight in golf

Perfect Club Driver

All drivers that cost you many strokes and headaches during a golf round..

For Golfers Who:
Slice or fade, have no real accuracy or confidence with other drivers. Lack distance from inconsistent sweet spot hits or use 3 woods off the tee leaving long second shots.

More information on the perfect golf driver
The Perfect Club Driver

Perfect Club fairway woods and hybrid easy golf clubs to hit

Perfect Club Hybrids

Long to mid irons, tough to hit hybrid and fairway woods.

For Golfers Who:
Struggle with awkward and difficult to hit long irons, fairways woods and hybrids that just wont get airborne or with unpredictable results.

Perfect golf club fairway wood and hybrid more info
Perfect Club Golf Fairway wood / hybrids

Perfect club hybrid wedge is the best sand and lob wedge in golf

Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge

Sand and Lob wedges for sand shots, lob shots, flop shots and pitches..

For Golfers who:
Are uncertain with easy bunkers shots, hit low pitches and lob shots into green. Have erratic distance control from 75 yards and in.

The perfect wedge in golf perfect club sand wedge more info
Perfect Club Sand & lob wedge

Perfect Club golf chipper one of the easiest clubs to chip with in golf

Perfect Club Chipper

All golf clubs to chip with around the green.

For Golfers Who:
Skull, chunk, blade and duff way to many times chipping around the green. Battle with fairly simple chip shots from 10 feet to 20 yards.

Perfect chipper easy club to chip with in golf more info
The Perfect Club Golf Chipper



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    Perfect Club Shaft & ferrule
    Perfect Club Golf Collection
    Replacement shaft for these clubs:
    • Perfect Spoon
    • Perfect Plus
    • Perfect Club 347 or Original
    • Perfect Accuracy.

    Comes with shaft & ferrule. Once you install the shaft all you have to do is trim the butt-end of the shaft to desired length.

    Reg.: $50.00
    ( 7 )