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After 10 years we've retired The Perfect Driver 370 VFT


Introducing the most accurate driver in the game of golf.

The New Improved Perfect Driver 370 VFT has had dynamic improvements that will give golfers more roll + more accuracy = More distance, even on off center hits. New design combination of less ball spin off the tee (RPM), increased MOI and perimeter weighting for off center hits makes this driver a must have in the bag.

The Perfect Driver 370 provides the accuracy of your short irons with the distance you expect from a world class driving club. The most thrilling shot in golf is the one that you hit straight and far. The Perfect Driver 370 will help you experience that thrill tee shot after tee shot.

The most important shot of the day is always your tee shot on the first hole. Get off to a perfect start with The Perfect Driver. The Perfect Driver 370 will take the big numbers off of your card by letting you play the hole the way it was intended to be played from the fairway!.

The club head of The Perfect Driver 370 is absolutely classic and conventional in its look. The Perfect Driver 370 is shorter than a conventional driver so you'll hit it more accurately, and on average, just as far because knowing you're going to make solid contact leads to a more aggressive & confident swing. Confident aggressive swings translate into distance.

What makes The Perfect Driver 370 VFT Perfect?

Drivers used to be 43" inches in length, now they are 45 inches in length or longer. Only the most gifted athletes can handle the long shaft of a conventional driver and successfully square up the club head at impact. The Perfect Driver 370 is 42.5" inches in length. The shorter shaft makes it possible for recreational golfers to easily square the club head at impact to consistently produce solid hits.

What does The Perfect Driver 370 have in common with the other Perfect Clubs?

The Perfect Driver is completely consistent with the philosophy that has made the Perfect Clubs so successful and easy to hit. The Perfect Driver 370, like The Perfect Club, was built on the successful proven premise that shorter shafted clubs with generous loft are easier to hit than longer shafted clubs with minimal loft.

How far can I hit The Perfect Driver 370?

Because the shaft of The Perfect Driver 370 is nearly 4 inches shorter than the new longer length used by most manufacturers, The Perfect Driver will fly 10 to 15 yards shorter than the best drive you've ever hit with your driver but they will almost always be in play. Most golfers only hit one or two successful drives with the driver they are presently using during an 18-hole round of golf.

Recreational golfers don't generally put the ball in play with their driver and errant drives are the major source of high scores for recreational golfers-it's hard to make good scores from the woods and ponds.
Conventional drivers are the hardest clubs to hit of any in your bag because it's the longest club in the bag. The shaft of the Perfect Driver 370 makes it incredibly easy to square the club head at impact regardless of your ability and experience as a player.

A square club face at impact is what produces straight shots. Because The Perfect Driver 370 is so easy to hit and easy to hit straight, golfers will become extraordinarily confident in their ability to put The Perfect Driver 370 in the fairway. Confidence leads to more aggressive swings, which means greater club head speed and longer drives.

Golfers using The Perfect Driver 370 have found that they keep The Perfect Driver 370 in play and that the consistently square strikes have them hitting their drives as far or farther than shots struck with the driver they have in their bags now. Play from the middle of the fairway and lower your scores with The Perfect Driver 370.

Is the club head of The Perfect Driver 370 a traditional looking size and shape?

The club head of The Perfect Driver 370 is absolutely classic and conventional in its appearance. The shape and size of the club head is consistent with the shape and size preferred by most professional and recreational golfers.

Shorter shaft, more upright lie angle, and increased head weight (the benefits of which are detailed above) are the primary differences between The PERFECT CLUB and other drivers, fairway woods and utility clubs.

What are the important specs of The Perfect Driver 370?

The Perfect Driver 370 has 11.5 degrees of loft, a 42.5" inch shaft, D-3 swing weight, Beta Titanium face with variable thickness technology for maximum effect, 10 gram Tungsten back weight, High tensile strength Beta Titanium crown, High Modulus, 3.2 degree low torque and a Titanium soleplate.

What shaft flexes are available in The Perfect Driver 370?

The Perfect Driver 370 is available in graphite and the flex is regular plus. Our unique combination of flex, torque and kick point allows a wide range of players to successfully play The Perfect Driver from slower swings speeds to mid-high speeds.

Where do I play The Perfect Driver 370 in my stance relative to the Driver I use now?

You should play The Perfect Driver 370 where you would play any other driver. Inside your left heel or 1-3" left of your sternum.

What shape shot should I expect from The Perfect Driver 370?

Solid strikes with The Perfect Driver 370 will tend to produce a gentle draw which leads to more distance in the air and on the ground.

"Equipment Reviews"
12 Out of 14 Fairways First Time Out!
Golf Life TV - Independent Review from Golf Life TV.
I consider myself an average golfer and get out to the course about 3 times a week. One of the parts of my game that I struggle with most are shots off the tee.
When Golf Life asked if I would be interested in trying out a different type of driver that could help keep the ball straight, I was all on board.
They sent over the Perfect Driver 370 VFT. They told me that this titanium driver is suppose to give golfers more roll and more accuracy, something I desperately need.
With most of my drives, I have a considerable slice but when I hit the range with The Perfect Driver, I found that my shots became much straighter. I really liked the feel of the ball coming off the tee. I felt like I was getting good distance even when I wasn't hitting it in the sweet spot.
The look and feel is completely different from other drivers. The club is a good 3 or so inches shorter than the driver I use, which helped me strike the ball much cleaner than normal.
I was consistently hitting it straight on every drive and the club also performed 15 to 20 yards longer off the tee compared to other drivers I have used.

I will be honest, I have never heard of the Perfect Driver until Golf LIfe introduced it to me. I am the type of golfer that usually sticks with big name brands like Nike and Taylormade. But after trying out this club, I would totally recommend The Perfect Driver to anyone who needs help straightening out their shot.
Afterwards, I went to their website The Perfect Club to learn more about the club. I found out that they even have clubs to replace your wedges and woods all at really good prices. Much lower than most clubs.
Trust me, go check out the Perfect Club Collection. - Barry Fuhrmann

Golf Tips Magazine
Perfect Club Driver - Golf Equipment Review
The Perfect Club represents an unconventional approach to standard equipment. The Perfect Driver is 2.5 inches shorter than a standard-length driver to help golfers hit more fairways, as well as to give the club more versatility. The hightensile, beta-titanium crown, titanium soleplate and variable face technology produce plenty of distance and forgiveness with a high trajectory. The stock shaft, which is the only option available, has a low 3.2-degree torque rating to minimize excessive twisting on off-center hits. Perfect Spoon and fairway woods also available.
Bottom Line: We suspect The Perfect Driver will help many golfers.

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