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Mens - Perfect Club Golf Collection -  The Perfect Spoon + HL, Mens Right Hand Graphite Shaft, Includes headcover.

"Upgrade to Perfection: Say goodbye to your old 3 wood and 5 wood. Experience the ultimate integration with the Spoon+HL

Spoon+HL17 Fairway wood 2 club bundle, $100 OFF!

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The New Perfect Spoon + HL, Mens Right Hand Graphite.
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  • *: Replaces 3 and 5 woods
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Perfect Club Golf
Perfect Spoon+HL17

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Spoon+HL17 Reg. $199.95 + Any PC Hybrid Reg. $149.95 = $349.90
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  • All head covers included
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The Perfect Spoon+HL17 (High Launch) is the latest innovation from our brand, meticulously crafted based on extensive customer feedback, prototypes, and rigorous testing. It combines the best features of the Perfect Spoon and Perfect Plus to redefine your golfing experience, offering remarkable distance, accuracy, and versatility on every swing.

Key Features:

  1. Perfect Weighting:
    • Center of Gravity shifted deeper for high Moment of Inertia (MOI).
    • Improved shot consistency, accuracy, and reduced dispersion.
    • Higher launch angles, longer hang time, and increased overall distance.
  2. Sleek Aerodynamic Sole Design:
    • Reduced drag for greater swing speed and efficiency.
    • Maximized distance off the fairway and tee.
  3. Enhanced Stability:
    • Precision-engineered sole design for improved accuracy and consistency.
    • Superior turf interaction, minimizing resistance and preventing digging.
  4. PCG Channel:
    • Optimizes energy transfer for incredible velocity and carry.
    • Provides remarkable feel and forgiveness, enhancing your connection with every shot.


  • Loft: 17 degrees
  • Length: 41.25 inches
  • Shaft: 100% Graphite made exclusively for the Spoon+HL
  • Grip: Perfect Club Velvet grip
  • Comes complete with a head cover.

Confidence-Building Design:

  • Specially designed shorter shaft for increased confidence and control.
  • Optimal shaft length (41.25 inches) for greater consistency, solid ball strikes, and heightened accuracy.

Masterful Control:

  • Upright lie angle, increased head weight, and shorter shaft for superior control.
  • Perfect Loft (17 degrees) strikes the ideal balance between distance, accuracy, and ease of striking.

Built for Confidence:

  • Perfect posture with a shorter shaft for heightened confidence.
  • D3 swing weight for a perfect balance between comfort and performance.

Your Search Ends Here:

  • Transform your golfing experience with the Perfect Spoon+HL17.
  • Elevate your game with a club that ensures every shot feels effortless and yields exceptional results.

Plus! Your Choice of one these Perfect Golf Clubs

1. PC 347 21 Degree
Introducing the Perfect Club 347, a golf innovation that raises the bar in aesthetics, accuracy, and performance. Meticulously engineered with a refined silhouette, this club offers a perfect trajectory by shifting the center of gravity, resulting in extended flight and distance.

Its game versatility replaces multiple clubs, shining on various terrains. Precision engineering optimizes ball flight with a proprietary shaft, while the subtle offset design adds finesse to every swing. The patented sole plate adapts seamlessly to any lie, ensuring confidence in imperfect conditions.

Elevate your golfing experience with the New Original Perfect Club 347 – it's time to experience perfection on the course.

Replaces: 3 & 4 Irons, 7 woods, and #4 hybrids

  • Loft: 21 degrees
  • Length: 39.25 inches
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Offset: Slightly, for a graceful draw

2. Accuracy 24 Degree
Introducing The Perfect Club Accuracy – "Precision, Control, Solid!"

Experience a golf revolution with The Perfect Club Accuracy. With 24 degrees of loft, it effortlessly replaces your 9 wood, 5 hybrid, or 4/5 iron, delivering distances that equal or surpass traditional clubs. Its shorter length ensures consistent ball striking and instills unwavering confidence, reminiscent of a short iron stance.

Elevating shots and enhancing confidence, The Perfect Club Accuracy launches high, soft landings even from challenging lies. Engineered for optimal setup and control, its distinctive weighting ensures unrivaled accuracy.

Remarkably versatile, it conquers par 3s, fairways, roughs, and bunkers with finesse, making it your ultimate weapon for confident and precise play.

The Perfect Club Accuracy – your solution for control, accuracy, and solid performance. With 24 degrees of loft, it simplifies your game by seamlessly replacing multiple clubs, becoming your trusted companion for success on the course.

Replaces: 4 & 5 Irons, 9 woods, and #5 hybrids.

  • Loft: 24 degrees
  • Length: 38.5 inches
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Offset: Slightly, for a graceful draw

3. Transition 27 Degree
Introducing the New Perfect Club Transition – Effortless Precision!

Experience golfing excellence with the Perfect Club Transition 27 degree! Crafted in response to passionate customer requests, this club embodies playability, accuracy, and exceptional performance.

Aligned with our commitment to versatility and user-friendly design, the Perfect Transition seamlessly continues this tradition. With an elegantly streamlined head, calibrated weighting, patented soleplate technology, and a high-performance shaft, it redefines accuracy in an effortlessly accessible manner.

Effortless Mastery: Address the ball comfortably, akin to a 9 iron, and experience hitting ease rivaling your favorite short irons. Achieve hybrid-like distances with 6 hybrid, 5, or 6 iron precision.

Control Beyond Compare: The Perfect Transition offers flawless setup, precision, and control, empowering you with confidence to tackle any shot.

A Versatile Marvel: Shine in any lie or course situation, from tee to fairway, rough, bunkers, uphill or downhill lies. Replace your 5 & 6 irons, 11 woods, and #6 hybrids for unmatched versatility.

The Ultimate Progression: Seamlessly transition to your short irons with the Perfect Transition – your last stop before conquering the greens.

Secure your Perfect Transition today for game-changing accuracy. Elevate your game with the New Perfect Club Transition – your passport to precision and mastery in golf.

Replaces: 5 & 6 irons, 11 woods, and #6 hybrids.

  • Loft: 27 degrees
  • Length: 37.5 inches
  • Shaft: Graphite
  • Offset: Slightly, for a graceful draw

4. Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge 58 Degree

Introducing the 58-degree Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge – the ultimate game-changing sand wedge. This exceptional wedge not only conforms to the USGA & RA rules of golf but also offers unmatched versatility for golfers facing challenging situations.

Unlike other sand wedges, The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge has the perfectly shaped sole, bounce and weight to deliver high, soft landing, accurate shots from every conceivable lie.

Use The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge from thick rough, for long and short shots from sand, for green side chips and pitches. The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge delivers maximum spin for consistency and control.

Super versatile in all conditions and shots- (rough, bunker, chipping, long bunker shot, pitching and extremely accurate inside 80 yards.) Puts excellent spin on the ball for control even out of tough lies. At 58 degrees its very easy to get high ball flight for going over trees Increases confidence hitting over water or trouble (no fat shots) The mass and weight allows the club to go through any sand or rough conditions.

For Golfers Who: Are uncertain with easy bunkers shots, hit low pitches and lob shots into the green or have erratic distance control from 75 yards and in.

Lower your scores and increase your fun with The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge.

Replaces Sand & Lob Wedges


  • 58 degrees of loft
  • 35.00" in length
  • Steel wedge flex
  • Wide sole that adjusts to every imperfect lie
What club does the Perfect Spoon+HL replace?
Replaces 3, 5 or 4 woods, # 1 or # 2 hybrids.

Why is it a better choice than my 3 & 5 woods?

The answer to this question gives the #1 point of difference between
The Perfect Club Spoon+ and the competition. The Perfect Club Spoon has a specific designed shorter shaft which puts you closer to the ball therefore giving you much more confidence, making it much easier to hit, and MUCH easier to control.

The average 3 wood is 43.50 inches long!

The Perfect Club Spoon + HL is 41.25" long, which is almost 3 inches shorter than a 3 wood and still a solid 2 inch shorter than an average 5 wood length. But you wont sacrifice distance because your shots become more consistent and you will hit the ball more solid more often and with accuracy.

The shorter the shaft, the more control you have on the ball. The shorter shaft also gives us the ability to add weight to the head while maintaining a constant swing weight. The additional head weight gives the
The Perfect Club Spoon + HL more mass which enables you to hit the ball farther, higher, and straighter.

Shorter shaft, more upright lie angle, and increased head weight (the benefits of which are detailed above) are the primary differences between the
The Perfect Club Spoon + HL and other fairway woods and utility clubs.

Why can't I just cut down my 3 or 4 woods and utility clubs to the length of The Perfect
Spoon + HL?

Two reasons. First, all woods have a built in lie angle, the angle at which the shaft enters the club head. This lie angle is cast into the club head and cannot be adjusted. If you cut down your 3 wood you will be bringing the ball closer to you at address. The 3 wood's lie angle would be too flat for the shorter length causing the toe of the club to dig into the ground at impact resulting in a shot that goes DEAD RIGHT.

Secondly, by cutting down your club, you would dramatically lighten the club's swing weight and overall mass. In addition to making the shaft super stiff. This would cause your shots to be hit a much shorter distance with no control.

What shaft flexes are available?
We make our own shafts specifically for each club with balanced weight, torque, kick and stiffness.
The Perfect Club
Spoon + HL comes standard with an R/S flex for men.

Due to the shortness of the shaft, heavier head and the larger diameter of the shaft tip, one flex fits a wide range of club head speeds, from the senior golfer to the younger player.

Does it conform with USGA Rules? Of course it does, conforms with USGA and R&A Rules.

What is the loft?

The Perfect Club
Spoon + HL has 17 degrees of loft, which, when combined with the shaft length and head weight gives you the distance and accuracy and ease in striking you wish you could get from your 3,5 or 4 wood.

Why is the it so much easier to hit?

The shorter shaft not only places you in your best and most athletic posture, it gives you a greater sense of confidence because you are closer to the golf ball.

The increased confidence of being closer to the ball lets you make a significantly more aggressive golf swing resulting in straighter and exponentially more consistent hits.

Tell me about swing weight and head weight...

Comfortable golf club swing weights range from C9 to about D6. The longer the shaft, the lighter the club head must be to maintain a constant swing weight.

The Perfect Club Spoon+ has a swing weight of D3. Since it has a shorter shaft than nearly all other metal woods, we are able to put more weight in the club head giving it more mass behind the ball resulting in more solid shots for you.

Spoon+HL17 Fairway wood 2 club bundle, $100 OFF!



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