The New Perfect Club Driver Golf Club HD2

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  • HD2 has perfect combinations of aerodynamic speed and mass to drive the ball with explosive distance.
  • Dual adjustable CG settings - Draw & more draw.
  • HD2 is specifically designed for players seeking higher, more powerful draw-biased trajectory.
  • Head cover included: HD2 is USGA & R&A Conforming. Plus! 30-Day On Course Perfect Guarantee!
  • Available in Mens Right Handed - Senior, Regular, Stiff flex. Left Hand - Regular flex.

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Perfect Club Driver HD2 provides the accuracy of your short irons with the distance you expect from a world class driving club. The most thrilling shot in golf is the one that you hit straight and far – The Perfect Driver HD2 will help you experience that thrill – tee shot after tee shot.

The New Perfect Driver Golf Club HD2 Womens
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Ladies Right Hand 14 degree High Launch Driver.
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The Ladies Perfect Driver HD2 is the easiest driver to hit consistently high and straight of any driver ever made for the recreational golfer. The draw biased design of the offset hosel helps deliver a square and powerful strike at impact to optimize launch, speed and distance, while correcting slice and fade tendencies.