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Why is the sand wedge so tough to use?

Have you ever wondered why using a sand or lob wedge is so difficult?
Does it take you a couple swings to get out of a bunker? Or can you get the ball out on the first try but with no real accuracy?
Can you truly say that you have confidence with your current sand or lob wedge to hit high soft landing shots from any lie?
How many times have you hit your best drive of the day, inside 80 yards to the pin knowing you have an opportunity to make a birdie or worse case a par.
But to often this is what happens:
  • You skull it or hit the ball so thin it fly's across the green.
  • Miss the green completely leaving yourself a very difficult 3rd shot.
  • Hit the ball decent but into a front bunker because of the lack of distance control.
  • Hit it so chunky or fat that the ball only goes a few feet and you're faced with the exact same shot again!
  • The end result being, you rarely had that chance to make a birdie putt or par and end up with a bogie or double bogie, we know how frustrating that is!
Why is it so tough to hit or use a wedge?
  • Wedges are not designed to be forgiving and have a very very small sweet spot. So if you are off center just a fraction the ball wont spin properly or go the distance you need the ball to go.
  • Since the wedge is the shortest club in your bag the angle of attack is steeper requiring supurb hand eye coordination
  • Wedges are designed to dig into the ground and thats why the wedge creates the largest divot of any club in the bag
  • When you add these elements together there is virtually no room for error or forgiveness, just a slight miss calculation will result a very poor shot.

It’s really not our fault... Tour players make it look easy on TV using wedges but they're the best golfers in the world with unbelievable strength, hand eye coordination, flexibility and practice many many hours and days. Most Tour players have 3-4 wedges and some have 5 different wedges for very specific shots. Plus those wedges are completely custom for them and they constantly "tweek" them or bend them.
What other golf club companies won’t tell you is that traditional wedge designs are really for top players and low handicap players who have the ability to use it and not for the recreational player. They also know that their wedge is no better than the wedges built years ago and that you'll continue to buy new wedges always looking for something to actually work.

Just think about it - has the sand wedge design really changed since Gene Sarazen invented it almost 80 years ago? What’s the difference between this 60 year old vintage wedge and all these current wedges on the market? Technically nothing except for look!

This is why no matter how many wedges you buy year after year you will always get the same poor results unless you practice hours a week like Tour players do.

You'll continue to struggle with bunker shots, lob shots, flops shots and shots from 80 yards and in. Never having true confidence around the green and even on shots that seem easy.

Just imagine how much fun playing golf would be if you had confidence when faced with a tough shot over water from 40 yards with no green to work with, knowing you can do it. And with The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge you don't even have to hit the ball perfectly to execute it.

"Best club in my bag! I am getting the best results I've ever had from a wedge." Mike D. Granada hills, CA - 5 STARS!

When you first play with The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge, the probability is that you’ll adapt to it immediately, easily and happily without hours of practice!

Why does The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge work? You get all the benefits of a hybrid club but now in a sand wedge. The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge is created and designed as a hybrid club. It's not just a piece of metal formed in a casting, which is how every other wedge on the market is produced.
The Perfect Club Hybrid Sand Wedge has the perfectly shaped sole, bounce and weight to deliver high, soft landing; accurate shots from every conceivable lie and conditions.
Use The Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge from thick rough, long and short bunker shots, from the fairway, from hard pan, soggy turf and lies that you would never attempt with any other wedge.
You can use The Perfect Hybrid Wedge from anywhere inside of 80 yards...anywhere! The hybrid design will put excellent spin on the ball for control and stopping, even out of the toughest lies! There's a reason hybrid clubs are the most popular clubs in golf. Because they're easy to hit and 100 times more forgiving than any iron.
"Superb club for 50 yds and less round the green. The set up ensures a perfect shot every time." Andrew Tempest from Kidlington, Oxfordshire United Kingdom
"Thank You so much! Before I got this wedge it took me 2 or more times to get out of a sand trap. Now the ball comes out every time!! I am very excited" Bonnie - Lombard, IL

Buy one today and start enjoying your short game again!

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The Perfect Club Golf Short Game Package.  Hybrid wedge and Chipper combo
The Perfect Club Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge 58 Degree Golf Club Steel Shaft, Mens
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The 58 degree Perfect Club Hybrid Wedge is the most versatile sand wedge in the game. Perfect Club Sand Wedge  Features
Super versatile in all conditions and shots- (rough, bunker, chipping, long bunker shot, pitching and extremely accurate inside 100 yards.)
Puts excellent spin on the ball for control and stopping the ball even out of tough lies.
At 58 degrees its very easy to get high ball flight for going over trees
Increases confidence hitting over water or trouble (no fat shots)
The mass and weight allows the club to go through any sand or rough conditions.
This 2 club bundle will immediately improve results for golfers who lose strokes around the green from flubbed or skulled chip shots, bunker shots, pitch shots and lob shots that add costly strokes to their scorecards. Package Includes:
The Perfect Club Hybrid Sand & Lob Wedge 58 ($149.95 Value)
The Perfect Club Chipper ($129.95 Value)
Free Shipping in the Continental US ($9.95 Value)
Free head covers included!
Total Value: $289.85
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